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The Problem With Little Things

If there’s one unspoken rule in writing, it’s that first drafts are inevitably awful.

And it makes sense. First drafts are often an outpouring of half-formed ideas and random plot points. So when you start editing, it can be messy.

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What Comes Next?

NaNo 2018: Recap and Reflections

50,000 words in 30 days? Check!


I know. I’m crazy. But as stressful as the last month was, I managed to have a lot of fun as well. As I’m wrapping up NaNo 2018, I thought I’d reflect on the experience and share a few things I learned along the way.

Some of these lessons serve as great pieces of advice to writers, and even non-writers.

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NaNo 2018: Week 5

NaNo Update: Week 4

NaNo 2018: Week Three

NaNo 2018: Week 2 Update

NaNo 2018: Update 1

My Next Project

If you follow me on Instagram (kategjameson), then you got a sneak peek at something exciting a few weeks ago!

My next project!

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