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I open my book wearily. Although it’s been two years since I earned my title of sorceress, Aurora and I still keep in touch. I’m happy to see there’s a new message from her.

Nova, I have a favor to ask of you. I know you have only just finished your assignment, but you are the closest person to a couple who needs help. I meant to go, but the situation here is more complicated than I thought and I can’t get away. 

I need you to attend a baptism. One of the child’s parents has managed to offend a local witch, who is planning to curse the poor child.

I groan. I’ve had very little time to myself since my first assignment, but I can’t refuse Aurora. I owe her this and more for training me.

I skim the rest of her instructions and prepare to travel via portal. I arrive outside a large church in the midst of a crowd. I disguise myself, picking my favorite form: Marta. I can’t see or hear anything due to the crowd. I can’t even get in the doors.

This must be a very important family, some lord or knight, perhaps.

I can feel the witch gather her magic for the curse and I use my own to force my way into the church. The witch feels me coming and begins to lob spells at me, but my magic is stronger. I bind her and drag her to the front of the church.

I stop short at the sight of soldiers. Whose child is this?


Well, there’s my answer. I turn and see Ingrid clutching a bundle that must be the baby.

“What are you ding here, witch?” Heinrik thunders.

Spells and curses. Here we go again.