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Things continue much as they have for the past week. The girl and the beast continue to bond while the prince alienates her further. I don’t know how to bring this situation to a happy conclusion. I’m at a loss. Please, Aurora. Can I not just cast a spell that will make them feel like they love each other? I don’t see why I should be responsible for their actions.


Please. It has only been a week. Of course the two aren’t getting along yet. How many times must I tell you that there are no shortcuts in magic? You know that love takes time to grow and adversity only makes it stronger. Prince Heinrik and Ingrid must learn patience. Apparently you need to as well. If, in one month, you have seen absolutely no progress, we can discuss how you might hurry things along. 

Please save me! This child is driving me to the brink of insanity. She whines all day because she has nothing to do. I’m beginning to think that she may be an idiot. I tried to teach her how to play chess today and she is hopeless. She can’t even remember what the pieces are, let alone how they move or what sort of strategy to use. I offered her use of the library only to find she can barely read and has no desire to learn. The girl refuses to do anything productive because she is forced to do chores at home and doesn’t want to do anything she doesn’t need to here. So she spends her days listening to music, telling Bear about her life, or walking in the gardens, so long as she can keep her fancy gowns clean. I think she is enjoying this ‘imprisonment’ more than she lets on. I’m sure her life at home was not this fine and carefree.

The prince doesn’t get on any better. He continues to ask the girl, night after night, if she loves him, yet he makes no effort to make any sort of personal connection with her. She spends no more time with him than he demands and he demands only a few minutes after the sun sets before chasing her away in anger. When his outriders try to offer him advice, he ignores them.

I am at my wit’s end! I have no idea what to do to make them fall in love. They are hopeless. I will never be a sorceress!

Stop being so dramatic, Nova.

I had hoped to at least have your support, if not your advice. I see I am alone in this endeavor.

Don’t be angry with me, child. I’m simply trying not to interfere. If you want to be a successful sorceress, you must learn to come up with creative solutions to difficult situations. I know this is hard, but I wouldn’t push you if I didn’t think you could do it. You are a talented magician, Nova. I have no doubt you can do.

Thank you, Aurora. Sometimes it’s easier to believe in myself if I know there’s someone else out there who does. It’s been almost two months. You said we could discuss ways of hurrying the two along if nothing happened, but I also agree that love takes time to grow. I think I will give them a little more time before trying to interfere. We are settling into a routine here and I have even noticed a softening in the prince. He seems more sad than angry now, though he still roams the halls each night, angry and violent. I worry for Ingrid’s safety. The prince still asks her if she loves him each evening and her answer is always no. I need to find some way to encourage him soon. Hopelessness is a dangerous thing that even magic has trouble combating.

Can you give me any advice?

Stay with him tonight, through the anger, and see what comes after. It may surprise you.