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I lock Ingrid’s door behind me and seek out the prince. I cast a spell for invisibility so that I don’t have to actually interact with him. He’s right where we left him, pacing and kicking at the few pieces of furniture I placed in the hall. I watch, rather amused, as the prince tries to reconcile being told ‘no’. I wonder if it’s ever happened before. From the tantrum he’s throwing, I’m inclined to think not. He suddenly stops. His eyes narrow and he quickly leaves the room. I follow, quiet and unseen, hoping against hope that he isn’t seeking out the girl. When I hear him muttering about an “ignorant chit” and “like to see her try”, I realize I’m not so lucky. He’s trying to find her.

Well, that’s something I can prevent.

A simple spell cast on his feet confuses his sense of direction. No matter how hard he tries, no matter how many turns he takes, he will be unable to find the girl’s room. It’s actually commonly used as a punishment for travelers who fail tests. Being hopelessly lost gives a person time to reflect on their actions. Sure, more often than not it just makes the person angrier, but I’ve always found it entertaining. And I’m not disappointed tonight. The royal brat storms through the lodge, bursting through doorways and generally causing a commotion. I have to cast a silence spell to keep from him disturbing the girl or alerting his men. Of course, I can’t stop a laugh at his expense. He hears it and looks around, but doesn’t see me. His frustration only makes me laugh harder.

The prince stops in the library, takes a deep breath, and looks around. “She has to be on this floor,” he mutters. “But I swear I’ve checked every room here.” With a kick at a nearby table, he leaves the room to start searching the rooms for the third time. As funny as I find this, it’s starting to get a little repetitive. Confident he won’t find his prey, I leave. When I reach my room, I pull out a blank book. Aurora has a similar one. Whatever is written in one will show up in the other. It’s a common way for magic users to stay in touch.

I summarize the day’s events for my mentor. Before she can reply, I fall into bed, exhausted. Between keeping the girl company and keeping an eye on the prince, I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep in the future.