Despite the number of fairy tale adaptations, modernizations, and retellings I’ve read, I’ve yet to come across any based on The Little Mermaid. So if I were to recommend any version, it would have to be the Broadway show. It’s essentially the Disney movie with more songs. The music is beautiful and well-performed.

I do have a little something extra for you. In my research of different adaptations of old stories, I stumbled across this Epic Reads article (here) that has one of the most wonderful charts I’ve ever seen. They give 162 books, within different categories, that retell classics. They do confine it to Young Adult books, but I see no shame in reading young adult books even if you aren’t necessarily one. I know I have a few books to add to my list!

If you’ve read anything on this list and loved it, please comment below and let me know. Or if there’s one that you like that isn’t in the article, share it! I’m always looking to add to my reading list.

Until next time, fellow wonderers!