Close your eyes for a second. Well, wait until you finish this paragraph. Imagine, if you will, the stereotypical writer. Got it?

I imagine you came up with something like this.

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Writers are considered to be antisocial. Most of the writers I know are introverts. Yet there’s this phenomenon in the changing perception of authors. Readers now expect to be able to interact with writers easily. Publishers are largely influenced in choosing what books to publish by how large the potential author’s following is.

In other words, writers are expected to be very active on social media.

Now there are ways in which that makes sense. Writers use words to communicate, so writing posts comes naturally. But a lot of writers are introverts and privacy is a hard thing to share. But I’ll let you in on a secret.

If you want to get writers to talk, bring up the subject of books.

Seriously. They’ll go crazy. All of a sudden, they’ll be animated and outgoing. Writers love talking about books. The books they’re reading, the books they love, the subjects and genres that interest them the most. Some writers are reluctant to talk about their own work, but others are happy to share.

So engage your favorite authors. Ask them questions. You might start a conversation.

Until next time, fellow wonderers!